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Big Pine Resort Cottages

 a n  E a s t e r n  S i e r r a  V a c a t i o n   R e n t a l

In the Big Pine Area


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​​Big Pine Resort Cottages

​The Eastern Sierra also holds a tremendous amount of outdoor activities for you to make your very own memorable trip. Whether you like fishing, hiking, biking, photography, kayaking, shooting or going off road the Eastern Sierra has it!

There are endless adventures and breath taking places for you to see here in the Eastern Sierra. Take a day trip into the many forest trails and roads to see pristine mountain landscapes or choose one of the many destinations in the Owens Valley.

The town of Big Pine has numerous opportunities for adventure and sight seeing. Just west of Big Pine holds the Palisades Glaciers, North & South Fork Big Pine Creek and Inyo National Forest. Spend the  day hiking or fishing in the pristine mountain wilderness, or take a camera and capture your own photos of the many flora and fuana unique to the Eastern Sierra. The town of Big Pine also lies directly 

The Eastern Sierra's Best

a n  E a s t e r n  S i e r r a  V a c a t i o n  R e n t a l

in the center of the famous Owens Valley where you can explore the landscape off road or fish the day away on the Owens River. Just to the East the famous White Mountains loom over Big Pine where you can take a day exploring the Ancient Bristlecone Forest which is the oldest forest in the world. Or trek along past Bristlecone for amazing views of the valley and onto White Mountain.