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The Ancient Bristlecone Forest is located in the White Mountains to the east of the Owens Valley. The forest is home to the oldest trees in the world highlighted by the "Methusaleh" tree dated at 4,750 years old

Ancient Bristlecone Forest

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Mt. Whitney & Alabama Hills

Glacier Lodge/The Palisades

​​Big Pine Resort Cottages

The Palisades Glacier looms over Big Pine as the third tallest peak in the Sierra Crest. The Glacier has been active for thousands of years and helps feed the beautiful Big Pine Lakes made famous by Norman Clyde

Mt. Whitney is the tallest peak in the contiguous United States towering over the Owens Valley at 14,505 ft. Just below Whitney are the Alabama Hills which are famous for their formation and use in countless Hollywood films 


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Over 8,800 years ago people inhabited the Owens Valley and Volcanic Tablelands just north of Bishop and east of Chalfant. This ancient culture carved petroglyphs symbols that are still visible to visitors today

The Tableland Petroglyphs