The Bishop Creek Wilderness area just to the west of Bishop via Line St. or Hwy 168 provides fisherman with numerous lakes and creeks for any kind of fishing you desire. The South Fork of Bishop Creek will lead you along the creek drainage where many opportunities for great fishing are available. You can park along the creek or drive to the end of the road where South Lake presents a large mountain lake setting for excellent fishing. Or, hike into the South Fork Wilderness and catch the many different species of trout including the famous Golden Trout. To the North is the North Fork of the Bishop Creek Wilderness. The North Fork Bishop Creek Wilderness area also provides an amazing Eastern Sierra mountain landscape perfect for fishing and enjoying the outdoors. Take Hwy 168 to the Intake II, Lake Sabrina. or North Lake to take in these breath taking lakes stocked full of trout. The North Fork Bishop Creek Wilderness Area also provides many hikeable lakes in the upper elevations for alpine fishing adventures.

​To the north of Bishop is the Owens Valley Gorge and Pleasant Valley Reservoir. This area provides a part of the Owens River that has year round fishing opportunities. The Pleasant Valley Reservoir is also home to the annualBlake Jones Trout Fishing Derby in March which provides excellent fishing and prizes year after year. The Owens River Gorge is also famous for its world class rock climbing and geology in its Volcanic Tablelands to the east. Also north of Bishop about 25 miles is the Rock Creek Lake area. This area provides amazing mountain views and great fishing in Rock Creek Lake and the drainage below through Rock Creek down to Lower Rock Creek on Hwy 395. Take a left at Tom's Place and you will find yourself in the heart of TheInyo Forest and great mountain lake fishing.

To the south of Big Pine is the Tinemaha Reservoir, the Lower Owens River, and Taboose Creek. The Tinemaha Reservoir provides excellent summer opportunities for excellent large mouth bass and catfish. Access the Tinnemaha Reservoir and Lower Owens by heading south on U.S. Hwy 395 for 9 miles. Just across the way is access to Taboose Creek and other creeks via Fish Springs rd.

​The Palisades, Big Pine Lakes and Big Pine Creek provide excellent alpine fishing opportunities from April to November. From U.S. Hwy 395 in Big Pine take Crocker Street to the west to find yourself in the Big Pine Creek drainage. You can park along the road in the mountains and fish off the creek or settle at the fishing pond at the end of the road for a great view and day of fishing with the kids. For more adventurous fishers theNorth Fork trail of the Big Pine Creek provides access to the many pristine alpine lakes above Big Pine that offer excellent fishing and fly fishing opportunities. Dont feel Like driving far? Thats ok, the Baker Creek Campground provides excellent trout fishing from April to November and the local canals also hold largemouth bass, catfish and trout.

Big Pine is home to some amazing fishing destinations from the valley floor to the alpine lakes in the Palisades above. The Owens River winds through Big Pine to the east and provides year round fishing opportunities. The Owens River can be accessed in Big Pine by a short drive east via the CA 168 East towards the Ancient Bristlecone Forest. The Owens River has several access points via dirt road off Hwy 168E and also along Hwy 395. Drive along the river and find yourself in a spot all your own for a great day of fishing!

Fishing in Big Pine

The Eastern Sierra is home to some of the best trout and bass fishing in the world. The Owens Valley and Eastern Sierra is home to hundreds of alpine lakes, mountain streams and the famous Owens River. You will have no problem finding your own personal fishing hole for an excellent day of fishing. The Owens River provides year round fishing opportunities and the countless Eastern Sierra lakes provide some of the most relaxing and scenic fishing spots from April to November. Check out the fishing guides and resources below to find your favorite fishing spot!

Fishing in the Eastern Sierra


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​Just a short drive north of Big Pine is Bishop, CA. This area provides a new set of amazing destinations where your sure to make your  very own fishing adventure. The Owens River also winds through Bishop providing easy access to some great fishing. The Owens River can easily be accessed from several streets east just off of Main St/Hwy 395. Take Warm Springs Rd just south of Bishop, or Line Street in town to the east and you will find yourself on the heart of the Owens River fishing. Or head north on Hwy 6 towards Laws Railroad Museum for access.

Fishing in Bishop

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Helpful Fishing Resources

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