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Let us share with you the special places our little town’s big backyard has to offer. The nearby Big Pine Creek Recreation area, the famous Owens River and Bishop Creek Recreation area hold several premiere trout fishing lakes such as North Lake, Lake Sabrina, and South Lake. Our excellent hiking options such as the Ancient Bristlecone Forest and the Glacier Palisades offer access points to the John Muir Trail, and the Pacific Crest Trail.Big Pine is the gateway to the Ancient Bristlecone Forest, White Mountains, and Palisades. The numerous hiking trails in the area include many that rise above 9,000 ft into some of the most beautiful, serene, and breathtaking areas along sierra crest. Located only 3 miles north of Big Pine on the east side of US 395 is Klondike Lake. This small lake is popular among locals for swimming, water skiing, wind sailing, and photography of the White Mountains. The west side of Big Pine holds the to road to Glacier Lodge and the Palisades Glacier. Nestled above 8,000 ft the Big Pine Creek offers some the best hiking, fishing, rock climbing, and packing trips in the Eastern Sierra. 

​In and around Big Pine there are a number of world famous bouldering and rock climbing locations. There is no shortage of  opportunities for breath taking wilderness hiking, mountain biking, snowshoe and cross-country skiing, kayaking, shooting, and so much more!

If you enjoy motor touring and staying on the road there are many adventures to be had on paved or well groomed dirt roads to view the Eastern Sierra. There are also many outfits that provide horseback riding and packing trips. A couple favorite adventures are the Alabama Hills Movie Flat Road and Manzanar Historic Site which showcases the tallest peak in the contiguous United States of Mt. Whitney in the background. For indoor adventures there is theLone Pine Film Museum, Eastern California Museum, Laws RailroadMuseum, and Mountain Light Gallery full of breath taking photos by Galen Rowell. The unique geology of the Owens Valley has created many local hot springs and just 7 miles north of Big Pine is the famous one Keough's Hot Springs, if you need a nice hot soak!

​Photographers love the regions natural beauties, wildlife, spring and summer wildflowers, and stunning fall colors. Birding enthusiasts could spend all winter exploring the many bird nesting sites and never see all the species that populate the Owens Valley including the California Bald Eagle! Billy Pond, Tinemaha Reservoir and Fish Springs offer excellent wildlife viewing including Elk grazing.

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On January 22, Yelp released its annual Top 100 Places to Eat list for 2015, and listed Big Pine's own Copper Top BBQ as number 1! Yelp used popularity and current reviews nationwide for all of 2014 to create the rankings.  Come see what everyone is talking about!

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Copper Top BBQ: No. 1 on Yelp's Top 100 list

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Located in scenic Big Pine, CA on the beautiful slopes of the California Eastern Sierra you are just minutes away from some of the best trout fishing and hiking in the country.  Big Pine Resort Cottages will soon become your favorite stop, like many others who have found this to be the perfect centralized location for a weekend stay, a week or even a month or longer. With some of the best fishing, scenic hiking trails, and spectacular photo opportunities all around you, there is something here for everyone to enjoy.  You can easily travel to all of your Eastern Sierra adventures from Big Pine Resort Cottages.   We provide flexible weekend, week, or extended stay packages for those adventurists who want to truly experience the full list of what the Sierra's have to offer.  We also offer special rates for all local area special events, such as the Fish Opener, Mule Days,Fall Colors, and the Fall Film Festival.  You can bring your spouse on a romantic weekend or bring your friends and family.

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