The Eastern Sierra has many excellent mountain biking and bike rides available. In Big Pine the local Wellness Center provides mountain bike rentals for $5. Take your bike up the paved and dirt road pat along the canal to get amazing views of both sides of the Owens Valley and the Palisades Glaciers. Or take Hwy 168 East to go out and bike along the Owens River. Just North in Bishop you can also mountain bike in some very scenic areas such as the Owens River Gorge with spectacular views of the Volcanic Tablelands and Owens River. The Eastern Sierra is also home to some popular biking events that can be joined by anyone such as the Everest Challenge Stage Race, which is a race that takes riders up steep peaks that add up to the elevation of Mt. Everest. Also available is the Fall Century Ride just north in Mammoth Lakes. 

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The Eastern Sierra has much more to offer than just fishing, hiking and rock climbing. The unique geology of the Owens Valley has created one of the most scenic and diverse landscapes in the world. The unique landscape has created a place that is not only aesthetically appealing but rich in flora and fauna. You can enjoy bike riding through the beautiful landscape, take a horse back ride in the mountains, float the Owens River on a kayak, or take your time photographing the many pristine areas and wildlife in the area. Check out this page to find out the best spots to do the many activities available in the Eastern Sierra

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There is endless opportunity in the Eastern Sierra for amazing wildlife and landscape photography. In Big Pine take a trip to the Tinemaha Reservoir area just south of town about 10 miles for a chance to photograph some of the regions most diverse birds and wildlife. The reservoir is famous for migratory birds including the California Bald Eagle! Also in this region are the Tule Elk who can often be seen grazing along Hwy 395. For more information check out the Eastern Sierra Audubon Society website. The potential for world class photography in the region can also be seen in the Mountain Light Gallery in Bishop. Take a minute to check out some of the most breathtaking Eastern Sierra photography by Galen Rowell. The photo opportunities are endless just pack up the camera and head east of Big Pine to the Ancient Bristlecone Forest and White Mountains, or head west to the Palisades Glaciers to capture your pristine mountain photos. 

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The Eastern Sierra holds some of the most beautiful waterways in the world and you can enjoy them by kayaking, canoeing, or boating the rivers and lakes. Bring your own kayak or canoe and float the Owens River for miles of endless water fun. You can also rent kayaks and boats in several places such as Sierra Drifters, or rent kayaks fromCaldera Kayaks. The Eastern Sierra lakes also provide an amazing day on the water. Whether you want to kayak ancient lakes such as the famous Mono Lake, or spend a day on the water at one of the higher elevation lakes such as Rock Creek Lake, Lake Sabrina and South Lake. You can rent boats and kayaks daily or hourly at many upper from late spring to early fall at such lakes as South Lake and Lake Sabrina, or travel north to Rock Creek Lake and spend a day on the water relaxing or fishing.

The Eastern Sierra also has many excellent opportunities for horseback riding and pack trips in the Owens Valley and into the Inyo Forest Wilderness. In Big Pine you can contact the Glacier Pack Train, which will take you into the scenic Palisades wilderness. If your interested in other scenic horseback rides just north in the Bishop Creek Wilderness Area there are several pack outfits to accommodate your adventures. Try Bishop Pack Outfitters, Rainbow Pack Outfitters, or Rock Creek Pack Station. There are also several amazing horseback riding opportunities just south of Big Pine in Independence and Lone Pine. These pack stations will take you into the Onion Valley/Kearsarge Pass area, or Alabama Hills, Mt Whitney, and Horseshoe Meadows in Lone Pine. Try these outfits for great southern Inyo horseback rides. Cottonwood Pack Station, or Mcgee Creek Pack Station

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