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To the east of Bishop is the famous bouldering area named,"The Buttermilks."  Its easy to see why the area is named because of the smooth array of boulders strewn across the landscape. The Buttermilks are a beautiful place to spend the day and give scenic views of Mt. Ton, Basin Mountain, the White Mountains and the Volcanic Tablelands to the east. To access the Buttermilks head east on Line St./Hwy 168 East about 8 miles until you arrive at Buttermilks Road. Make a right and head up the dirt road until you reach your desired destination.

The Volcanic Tablelands and Owens River Gorge just about 6 miles north of Bishop provide many different kinds of rock climbing adventures. Take U.S. Hwy 395 North of Bishop about 6 miles and turn east onto Pleasant Valley Rd. Follow Chalk Bluff Rd to go to what is known as Happy Canyon or, "The Happies" famous for bouldering opportunity. Another famous area in the Volcanic Tablelands is calles, "The Sads." Continue left at Chalk Bluff Rd to get to the Sads. The Owens River Gorge also has rock climbing opporutnities north on Hwy 395 to the east off Gorge Rd. Head North on Hwy 395 for 19 miles and exit east on the Gorge Rd. Head north at the stop sign to find excellent rock climbing routes.

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Big Pine Resort Cottages

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The unique geologic history has made the Eastern Sierra ideal for rock climbing and bouldering enthusiasts. Whether your looking to climb high elevation peaks or lower elevation boulders the Eastern Sierra has it. Many of the rock climbing destinations in Big Pine and Bishop have become world famous for their technical difficulty and abundance of approaches. The Palisades in Big Pine provide high altitude, alpine climbing for expert climbers, while the Buttermilks in Bishop provide climbers with scenic bouldering opportunities. The Owens River Gorge also provides tall flat walls of rock for climbing year round.

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